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Scandi-Trip Part I

This year I decided to spend my main holiday in Scandinavia. Three weeks out of problems I live with without people I spend time with and avoiding all usual thoughts I have (both positive and negative). Ok, it is not easy to completely switch myself to holiday mode and forget everything / everyone… but whatever, I am trying…

First issue what came before the trip was my knee. Something happened and suddenly I started to feel pain in it. I was limping before departure. I considered visiting doctor but I discarded the idea, because: 80% of them are useless (80:20 rule) and anyway… either it is not serious and I don’t need doctor or it is serious and there is not enough time to help me. Maybe just my body wants to tell me I am getting old… but I decided to fight. I will not return on wheelchair. Glacier hiking will cure me!

Flight to Vienna, meeting with three friends I travel with in Bratislava (I will respect their privacy and I won’t mention their names but they are 2 boys and 1 girl). Journey starts with boarding the caravan. Yes, we will drag our bedroom, kitchen, even shower and loo with us. Friends bought almost almost everything from grocery shop, it looked like for whole school canteen.

After loading, we departed. Direction Prague, Berlin, Puttgarden. In Prague I experienced my first drive with the huge beast (caravan) – thanks to our GPS it was through city centre – so with sightseeing included. I discovered that my style of driving which consists of accelerating, braking and quick steering is not just inefficient but dangerous too. Dynamic of the vehicle and its content was completely different, and I was occasionaly reminded to it when everything was moving and falling down with noise.

First day was about getting to ferry in Puttgarden which we boarded next day. First night was new experience for us. Everything is small and comfort is far from sleeping in real bed. Size of bed in the back is something like my bed, but I have to share it with friend. And friend does not mean nice girl unfortunately, actually it does not mean girl at all. Second “bed” which I have the pleasure to use every second night we have to assemble from back chairs and it is clear that sleeping is not main purpose of that thing.

Next day, we boarded ferry to Denmark. I have seen for the first time in my life whole train boarding the ferry – I did not even know that is possible. Our only stop in Denmark was Copenhagen. It is nice city full of channels and islands. We spent half day sightseeing, including boat tour. But the most interesting thing was part of town called Christiania. At first sight it looked like Camden – lot of strange people selling strange things. But those strange things were mainly THC based drugs – and selection was very rich. Labels “no photo”, “don’t run” and “selling drugs is still illegal” were everywhere. When I wanted to put my camera in the bag, I was almost attacked by some “rules enforcer” and I was forced to show him the camera to check I did not take any picture. But otherwise it was very friendly place full of relaxed people. We bought one unspecified consumable souvenir which we consumed with pleasure right there. Then we left this place where law is different than in EU.

Second night we spent in Sweden, on some empty space by the sea. No one was there but pirate flag and toilets. Actually, we found out there are lot of places where caravans can stay overnight for free and they are always equipped by luxury toilets. We took advantage of them also following night when we slept on the best place so far – on beautiful island surrounded by other islands, right next to impressive bridge.

Because the core of our trip is Norway, we spent only one day in Sweden. To be more specific it was in Götteborg. Firstly, it is completely true that young swedish blond girls are amazing. All of them wear short jeans and they are nicely tanned (what I did not expect for such a northern country). And the city itself? I liked it, at least some hills compared to Copenhagen. We walked the centre where we took a ride on smaller version of London Eye, then visited Scandinavium – ice hockey stadium where Slovaks won gold in 2002. The last and best of Götteborg was visit of AtmosFear attraction in local amusement park which was basically 85 m high tower where we experienced several seconds long unforgettable free fall.

My knee is still not ok, sometimes I am nervous about it but I am trying not to care too much.

I already mentioned that sleeping is different that I am used to. I am actually looking forward my bed right now. But although it is not comfortable compared to staying in hotels / motels, this has very unique advandage to sleep almost anywhere we want. And we are more and more picky… if there is no lake, fjord or nice view, we are not staying.

Also eating is different, we are not visiting restaurants, because we have everything. But we have to eat some type of food quickly while it is ok… for example we have so many bananas which we have to eat quickly that we use them as threats and punishments (“wash dishes or you’ll have to eat a banana!” etc.).

The Scandi-trip continues in Norway (starts with Oslo) which I will cover later…

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  1. August 18, 2011 at 14:15

    What about pictures, Pozi? One picture worse thousand words.

    • August 18, 2011 at 16:19

      Sure, we are making photos. But it will take some time to sort, process and publish them. Definitely not during travels (no computer with us).

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