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Scandi-Trip Part III

Next part of our journey covers traveling from southern Norway up to Lofoten islands. It is a long way, so most of the time we spent driving, often only 300 km per day (narrow roads, construction limitations, ferries). But we had some interesting stops, obviously. We are still driving in the land of fjords – so we are making lot of “photo breaks” where we observe and document the country. There is lot of waterfalls, we drove to one intentionally (Voringfoss) but soon we realized it is not required – there is one in every ten minutes on the way. They are tall, falling from steep hills often straight to the fjord. Frequency of ferry transfers increases to up to 3 a day, tunnels are maybe 20 in one day. Weather is not good, often rainy but that is Norwegian climate, what to do… We sleep on various places by the road, interesting one was on some plateau in mountains where we parked at night and the next day saw the nice view around. That morning we also found out that we are surrounded by sheep which were brave not reacting to our attempts to scare them…it seems that they learned that they can get some food from people from caravans (to be specific they smelled our bacon for breakfast) to complement their boring grass diet. Not from us though.

Bergen, the second largest Norwegian city, was the place where we spent one afternoon. Nice city by the sea with small centre. Interesting were old crooked wooden houses – part of UNESCO heritage. We enjoyed nice view of the city, sea and islands nearby from hill above Bergen where we got by funicular, the only one in Scandinavia (as train lover I wanted to buy souvenir – piece of rail they were selling, but it would be too heavy). Interesting part was fish market where locals were selling all kinds of seafood. Some of the seafood we were given to taste, afterwards we bought some caviar, salmon and whale. Especially whale was new to us. We named him Willy. Next evening we had luxury dinner in caravan – whale with bread and wine. It was a strange feeling, we felt a bit guilty. I like intelligent animals and I usually do not eat them but I must say they also taste good. Willy was simply delicious.

Planned part of our schedule was hiking on Jostadelsbreen, the largest glacier in Europe. We came there quite late but we were lucky to catch last guided walk on the glacier that day. It was the shortest and easiest variant of the walk called “Family blue ice walk” (we would have to wait till next day to something more difficult and longer). It was very interesting and informative one hour walk on the bottom part of the glacier. We were equipped with climbing irons on our shoes to avoid sliding and all in our group of eight persons plus guide were connected with rope together. So if those four Israeli seniors fall down into some hole in glacier, we are going with them. At the end we survived and enjoyed it.

The next day we took a guided tourist (equals more expensive) ferry on UNESCO listed Geiranger fjord. Nice, nice, very nice but… we are starting to be little tired of fjords. Give me something else! Exciting attraction that day was Path of the Trolls, road going from 800 m high mountain pass downwards. Narrow road, 180 degrees hairpin turns – quite impressive but we think that less know roads we drove on a week ago were more dangerous than this.

That day my camera died. It came suddenly without any apparent reason to die (unlike my previous camera which ended its life by 20 m fall from the rock). But I am not worrying a lot, we have three more cameras here.

Next day greeted us with very nice sunny weather. I am wearing shorts for the first time, sunglasses as well. It is a shame we spend most of the day in car. Next highlight – atlantic road. It is 8 km long road with bridges through small islands near the the coast. Descriptions like the worlds best road trip set our expectations probably too high because it was not anything special and we were disappointed.

On the way up north we stopped in Trondheim, third largest city in Norway, again situated by the sea. It is university town literally full of students. Caravan crew splitted into two groups. Couple went for romantic sightseeing and me with friend parked in big wooden pub with one part floating on the river. We missed beer a lot (we drink radler every day but beer is beer). Although the beer was for around 10€, we both agreed that this is the pub of dreams. It was crowded of young students, 90% of them female, 90% of them blond. There has not been so many girls (without males) in my viewing angle until this evening (sorry, taking a picture would look creepy). Leaving the pub was hard mainly for my friend who falled in love with one black haired angel, codename “Snow White”. But it was one-directional love (as usually 😦 ) and surely there are seven dwarfs waiting for Snow White in her college room.

Anyway, we have to continue towards arctic circle. We are spending more and more time driving and this part is becoming tiring and boring (hopefully some hike on Lofoten will fix this feeling). Lesson learned for future trips: travel less, experience more.

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